San Carlos Ranks in Bottom 12% for Per Student Spending in San Mateo County


Twice a year you write a massive property tax check.  For most folks living in San Carlos, the idea that our schools are not fully funded is almost unbelievable.  How is this possible? The Citizens for San Carlos Schools offers some sobering statistics on the matter.  First, San Carlos schools rank in the top 4% of the districts on the State of California's standardized tests.  However, the San Carlos School District ranks 15th out of the 17 school districts in San Mateo in terms of money spent per student.  Below … [Read more...]



Fast forward to 2018.  How much has your property appreciated?  Did the City of San Carlos ever straighten out its financial woes of 2008? Was the east-side ever developed to its fullest potential?  Did Laurel Street continue to thrive? Was the new playground at Burton Park finished before 2015?     (sorry....this last one was uncalled for)  The answers to these and several other questions will help determine the well-being of San Carlos is 2018. San Carlos:  Passion and vision have been its allies over the past … [Read more...]

The Targets


With inventory creeping lower by the day, San Carlos buyers are becoming more frustrated and anxious as 2008 starts to come to a close.  Low inventory has been the lead story for San Carlos real estate in 2008.  In recent weeks I have had other realtors email me and ask about any properties that may be coming on in San Carlos that would be suitable for their clients.  Unfortunately, for most of those instances I have been unable to give them any type of definitive answer. Last week I had a blog reader ask if … [Read more...]

Mitigating Hidden Pitfalls of Trust Sales in San Carlos


Trust sales are very common in San Carlos.  Trust sales conducted by a trustee who has never lived in the property will require the buyer and the buyer's agent to be at the top of their game when investigating the property.  With very few exceptions, a trustee who has never lived at the property is exempt from having to fill out many of the traditional disclosure forms such as the Transfer Disclosure Form or Seller's Supplemental Checklist. First, it is important to distinguish the types of trust sales.  Many … [Read more...]

“I Have Buyers Who Will Pay Cash for Your Home”…This is One of Several Possible Red Flags Popping up in San Carlos


Perhaps you have received a letter like this in the mail recently from one or several realtors. I have one particular client in San Carlos who told me she received several letters saying something similar to the above, all within a few weeks of each other.  Welcome to the wonderful world of real estate in a very tight market.  While the average price of homes in San Carlos has remained relatively steady over the past year, the number of homes coming onto the market has dropped dramatically.  The translation: you … [Read more...]

The Spotlight Property of the Week


10 Valley Road, listed by Julie Geyer of Carlmont & Associates, hits the mark.  Priced at $1,125,000, this home has many desirable qualities.  4 Bedrooms (one of which can easily be used as a family room or study), 3 baths, many upgrades, over 1,800 square feet, a 6,300 square foot lot with partial views and a 2-car garage make this home stand out above its competition.  The faults are minor and overshadowed by its many qualities. As a few blog readers pointed out, the last spotlight property of the week, was … [Read more...]

So, You’ve Outgrown Your Home. Now What?


The San Carlos housing market has two major obstacles for most folks.  The first is just getting into San Carlos.  The second happens a few years down the road when people realize that they have outgrown their current home.  Now what?  Three choices generally present themselves (1) stay put and tough it out; (2) remodel; and (3) move.  I think most home owners in San Carlos have experienced this exact dilemma at one time or another.  Let's take a look at them a little more closely: Staying Put and Toughing it … [Read more...]

Greater East San Carlos Resident’s Group – Making Their Voices Heard

Have you ever heard of the proposed San Carlos Transit Village?  I didn't think so.  The Greater East San Carlos Resident's Group has and they are making their voices heard.  The San Carlos Transit Village refers to the mostly undeveloped area of San Carlos along east side of El Camino Real.  Some of the tentative plans for the development of this land have members of the GESC alarmed about the impact to their neighborhood.  They have put together a very informative and professional website which can quickly bring … [Read more...]

Taking Shots at the 070


Thanks to  blog reader, Andrew, for bringing this article to my attention.  In his article, "An ATM Moment," John Horgan of Inside Bay Area claims that San Carlos is about to become a very expensive place to live and shop.  Granted, the article appears to be more of a half-joking jab, than a truly serious critique of San Carlos.  Horgan claims that the 1/2 cent proposed increase in sales tax by the city council, combined with the 1 cent proposed increase from the Governor and the new Excellence in Education Parcel … [Read more...]