White Oaks

El Sereno or Area 352 is in the Southeast corner of San Carlos.  White Oaks refers to the housing tract that is located from Belmont Avenue, south, in Area 352.  Belmont Avenue, north, is what is called Oak Park.

Advantages to living in El Sereno:

*  Shares one of the two top spots for best re-sale in San Carlos

*  Many homes in White Oaks are assigned to White Oaks School

*  The neighborhood has a very clean, kept, look with many nicely remodeled homes

*  Walking distance to Burton Park and Laurel Street

Disadvantages to living in El Sereno:

*  Many of the lots in White Oaks are undersized, under 5,000 square feet

*  Many of the larger lots on are busy streets

*  Some feel that on some streets the houses are so close together that it can feel a little claustrophobic

Statistics for the past 6 months:

Number of homes sold:  35

Average list price:  $1,312,410

Average sales price:  $1,487,783

Average price per square foot:  $931

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