Q2 San Carlos Trend Report Now Available


San Carlos Q2 Produces Record Results The 2015  Q2 Trend Report for San Carlos shows results for San Carlos that are simply staggering. The power produced by this market has price points and relevant real estate metrics surging to levels that almost all would have thought impossible just a few years ago. The main culprit is low inventory.  Many buyers purchasing in 2013 and 2014 would tell you that their prospects were far and few between simply due to historically low inventory levels.  Just when things could not … [Read more...]

Stunning Edgewood Park Listing

Blandford front shot

918 Blandford Boulevard, Edgewood Park Welcome to Edgewood Park, which is located just south of the creek bordering Eaton Avenue in San Carlos. This captivating Tudor home is located in highly desirable Edgewood Park.  This home has been impeccably maintained and is rich in character and fine detail.  Originally built in 1929, this truly unique and special offering proudly displays coved ceilings, hardwood floors, distressed beams, beautiful moldings and countless subtle details that combine to give this … [Read more...]

Tracking A San Carlos Home’s Value From 1940-2015


A Loss for Words There are only so many posts that can be written about the searing hot San Carlos market.  There comes a time when you simply run out of adjectives and  have no words to describe the overpowering strength of our market. Each time it appears to be leveling off, another massive wave picks it up and takes it to heights that were once thought impossible.  The scary part is that there is seemingly no end in sight. We are entering our fourth consecutive year of record gains.  From what we have seen so … [Read more...]

San Carlos Real Estate 2015: Welcome to the Jungle


Welcome to the Jungle Jungle/n. noun: A place or milieu characterized by intense, often ruthless competition or struggle for survival. Yep, sounds about right. For those of you who have found yourself in the middle of the San Carlos real estate market lately, you can empathize with the jungle reference. For buyers, the conditions are brutal.  There are some closings that will take place over the next month that will post jaw dropping final sales prices.  You will see massive increases, even off of 2014 … [Read more...]

SCEF Spring Gala Auction Item: Sell Your Home For $1


Sell Your Home for $1 I am very proud to be the Diamond Sponsor for the San Carlos Education Foundation's Spring Gala.  This year's event will take place on March 7th, at The Sofitel in Redwood Shores.  I am pleased to announce that I will be offering my "Sell Your Home for $1" live auction item again this year.  All proceeds will go directly to SCEF.  This is my eighth consecutive year offering this auction item and I could not be more pleased to be partnered with SCEF for this worthwhile event. The Details For … [Read more...]

Part II of our Special Announcement: Dwell


Welcome to Dwell I am very pleased to announce the grand opening of Dwell Realtors in downtown San Carlos.  Dwell's opening is the result of countless hours of hard work and a belief that we could assemble a brokerage that could make a meaningful difference in the way our clients buy and sell residential real estate. There are so many people to thank who helped get us to this point.  My family, friends, colleagues, and a fantastic team of designers, advisors, accountants and attorneys.  Your guidance and support, … [Read more...]

The First of Two Major Announcements from Bob Bredel & Chuck Gillooley

b.g.logo 2

The First Earlier this week, there were two very conspicuously similar posts on both the White Oaks Blog and the San Carlos Blog about a significant announcement that was to be made today. If you read one of our blogs, you very likely also read the other -- which is a big reason why this announcement makes so much sense. Those seemingly identical announcements were no sheer coincidence.  The things that we are announcing today and next week are indeed very much related and will have an impact on the local real … [Read more...]

The San Carlos 2014 Year-End Market Analysis Report


2014 Caps Another Phenomenal Year For San Carlos Real Estate 2014 marked the fourth consecutive year in a row for gains in the San Carlos real estate market.  For a complete year over year analysis of the San Carlos real estate market dating back to 2008, please download our custom 2008-2014 San Carlos Real Estate Report by clicking here.  Thank you for your patronage to the San Carlos Blog.  I sincerely appreciate it.  All the best for 2015. Bob Bredel       … [Read more...]

Dedication Video of Snow in San Carlos 1976


Let It Snow! In December of 2012, I published a video showing proof a freak snowstorm that hit San Carlos in February of 1976.  That posting was the single most viewed page I have ever had in the 8+ years of the San Carlos Blog.  I decided to re-post that video again this year because we have many new users on the site.  The opening shot is at Brittan Avenue and Alameda, looking south into Oak Park and White Oaks.  The backyard shots are from 1023 Alameda (corner of Brittan and Alameda), which was my family's … [Read more...]

Neighbor Problems in San Carlos


Still The City Of Good Living The City of San Carlos is still the City of Good Living.  There's no place I'd rather be.  The overwhelming majority of the city's residents enjoy their neighborhood and their immediate neighbors.  San Carlos is built around the idea of community, volunteerism and generosity. While I feel I have written many posts over the years praising San Carlos, it is also important to write posts on areas in which San Carlos could improve. Utopia does not exist in San Carlos or any other town for … [Read more...]