San Carlos Blog Is Expanding


Since 2007, I have written the San Carlos Blog to give our readers a revealing snapshot into the world of the front lines of San Carlos real estate.  The goal has been and remains to give you information that you cannot find anywhere else as it relates to San Carlos.  While I believe the site works well the way it is currently set up, I also believe that an additional site focusing on the nuts and bolts of our representation was needed as well.  The San Carlos Blog will continue to be the site it is today and has … [Read more...]

A Distinctive Award


Real Trends Top 250 Agents In The United States To be completely candid, I did have reservations about writing this as a post.  I have tried very hard to keep my posts entirely about San Carlos real estate and community.  However, the award given does give standing to what is written on this site and it is also directly tied to the efforts on this site over the last eight years. Thank you for indulging this brief departure from traditional posts. As many of you know, prior to becoming a real estate agent I … [Read more...]

Five Things Every San Carlos Buyer Should Know


The Top 5 Navigating the San Carlos real estate market these days is not for the faint of heart. The stakes are high and even the most calm, cool and collected of buyers are struggling. If you are one of those buyers or are thinking of trying your luck in San Carlos, you may want to continue reading. Someone recently asked me at an open house to give him the top five things that he should be thinking about when buying in San Carlos. As I started to reply he said, “ok that’s one, now give me the next”. Brevity … [Read more...]

Side Effects Of A Red Hot San Carlos Real Estate Market


San Carlos Real Estate Surge Is Affecting Many, Less Obvious Groups Rolling into its 35th consecutive month of a surge in housing prices, the San Carlos real estate market has hit stratospheric heights.  The vast majority of attention has been focused on the frustration of buyers and the gains of sellers.  However, there are other groups that are being affected or will be affected in the very near future.  Here is a look at those groups: Groups Negatively Affected Our Kids.  The truth of the matter is that our … [Read more...]

San Carlos School District-City, Land Swap Deal Being Considered


The Basics An issue which is quickly gathering steam around town is the proposed land swap deal between the City of San Carlos and the San Carlos School District.  One week ago, the SCSD sent a letter to the City of San Carlos, asking them to consider the a land swap which would include the City's four acre parcel on the top of Crestview.  Before going further, here are some background facts: (1) Tierra Linda Middle School and the San Carlos Charter Learning Center (SCCLC) both occupy a piece of property in San … [Read more...]

All Cash Offers Are Now Common in San Carlos: Here’s How Buyers Are Pulling It Off


Leaving The Stratosphere I really do pride myself on being a pretty even-keeled person.  I always try to maintain a sense of stability and not get too high or too low with whatever the San Carlos market may be doing. I have always been more of a big picture person.  However, what is currently happening with the San Carlos market is testing the outer limits of many, including myself, who are trying to remain analytical and rational about the now-18-month surge in the market.  I was one who believed that we were … [Read more...]

An Angry San Carlos Real Estate Market


If the San Carlos real estate market could be personified it would be viewed as a gritty, stubborn prizefighter known for carrying grudges. The current grudges that it seems to be carrying can be summed up as 2009 and 2010.  Almost angry at the fact that it faced losses in those years, the San Carlos market has been taking its frustration out on would-be buyers for the last eighteen months and seems content to deliver a decisive blow each time they decide to slowly pull themselves up off the canvass to one knee … [Read more...]

Two New San Carlos Listings


I am very pleased to release my latest San Carlos listings.  Please see below for the details. 1320 Greenwood Avenue, San Carlos   Open Saturday & Sunday 1:00-4:00 *  Four bedrooms/two baths *  2,000 square feet of living space/7,380 square foot level lot *  One and a half blocks from downtown San Carlos *  Offered at $1,450,000 *  For the complete photo and virtual tour, click here.   34 Hilltop Drive, San Carlos Open Saturday and Sunday 1:00-4:00 *  Three … [Read more...]