San Carlos Real Estate: A Look Ahead to 2014


2013: A Space Odyssey Part II It was just about fourteen months ago that the San Carlos real estate market shed its rocket boosters and started heading out of the atmosphere and it now appears as a fading black dot that you need a telescope to see more clearly.  The 3/2 in White Oaks that was 1M two years ago, is now apparently 1.4M, and in some cases, higher.  2013 was a steady game of "one-up" and a constant re-setting of never-before-seen-highs for all segments of the market.  Now, as we start to wind down the … [Read more...]

Eucalyptus Avenue Gearing Up For Halloween


This Year's Theme? As always, will be shrouded in mystery. Prior years have included everything from an elaborate pirate set which looked like something right out of Disneyland, to a 70's disco theme, complete with professional dancers.  Perhaps last year's theme was the best yet, featuring a scene of zombies invading San Carlos.  The level of detail was truly remarkable.  The one thing we know for sure is that Eucalyptus Avenue will once again take its place as the number one destination in San Carlos for those … [Read more...]

San Carlos Treasure Hunters Crowns New Champions! See The Video Here

Video thumbnail for youtube video San Carlos Treasure Hunters 2013 Now Released! See The Trailer Here! - San Carlos Blog

New Champions At one minute past 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 19th, at the top of Eaton Park, Zach Bene, Nathan Godwin and Ryan Jeffries, unraveled the mystery of El Diablo and were given the keys to the treasure chest by the ghost of Mary Hull.  Saturday's event capped off the 8th Annual event for San Carlos Treasure Hunters. Over 350 people participated and volunteered in this year's event.  We will look forward to seeing everyone again next year.   … [Read more...]

PODCAST: An Interview with City Council Candidate Cameron Johnson


Meet Cameron Johnson It was a pleasure to conduct the following podcast for Cameron Johnson, who is running for San Carlos City Council this November. In my experience knowing Cameron, I have found him to be hard working, balanced, open minded and very bright.  Take a listen to the podcast below to learn a little bit more about Cameron. *** To be taken directly to Cameron's website, click here.       … [Read more...]

Many Who Once Eyed San Carlos Are Now Outside, Looking In


Missed Opportunity For Some If you are lucky enough to own property in San Carlos over the last eighteen months, your current property value has probably helped to put a smile on your face.  When you go through the type of market that we have experienced over the last eighteen months, the majority of the attention is focused on increasing property values and buyers frantically trying to land a house in multiple offer situations.  However, there is another group that has gotten passed over in these conversations. … [Read more...]

The “Fatal” Flaw in the San Carlos Real Estate Market


The “Fatal” Flaw in the San Carlos Housing Market Here’s the thing with writing a site such as the San Carlos Blog, you have to write the good and the bad with our local real estate market and community. I generally try to be as positive as possible with the posts on this site, but sometimes being direct is the best possible route to deliver sobering news. The Big Picture Before getting into any discussion over a flaw in the San Carlos market, it needs to be understood that the San Carlos market is red hot right … [Read more...]

PODCAST: Emphasizing the Right Ideas for Buyers and Sellers in San Carlos


Times & The Market Have Changed Times have changed in both the San Carlos market and real estate in general. Knowing exactly how to prioritize factors in your strategy on the buy and sell side is critical.  Click on the podcast below to hear just a few of those ideas.   … [Read more...]

San Carlos Treasure Hunters 2013 Now Released! See The Trailer Here!


San Carlos Treasure Hunters 2013 - Applications Available September 1st Welcome to the 8th year of San Carlos Treasure Hunters, "El Diablo: Witness the Single Largest Cover Up in the History of San Carlos".  Applications will be available here and on the San Carlos Treasure Hunters main site starting at midnight on September 1st.  Please note that this event filled up in 8 days last year, so please get your applications in early. Turn the volume up and click the trailer above for … [Read more...]

2013 Half-Year San Carlos Real Estate Report Is Now Available


The 2013 Half-Year San Carlos Real Estate Report If I am being perfectly candid, the first six months of 2013 in the San Carlos real estate market have been exhausting for all involved in the industry.....but certainly in a good way.  The market sped into overdrive and surged to highs never before seen in San Carlos.  Erasing all blemishes left by the largest housing downturn since the Great Depression, the San Carlos real estate market passed previous highs in all relevant categories.  Please take a look at our … [Read more...]