Patxi’s Coming to San Carlos, JoeyRae to Get New Space


Patxi's For those of you unfamiliar with Patxi's, you are about to get a dose of what a true pizza craze is all about.  The wildly popular Patxi's, Chicago style pizza will be moving into the building currently holding Laurel Street Antiques on the 600 block of Laurel Street.  The Patxi's in Palo Alto can be standing room only at times due to overwhelming demand.  It is also the recipient of numerous notable awards.  To be taken to the Patxi's site, click here. JoeyRae The trendy JoeyRae Boutique will be sharing … [Read more...]

San Carlos Treasure Hunters Crowns New Champions! See The Video Here

Video thumbnail for youtube video San Carlos Treasure Hunters 2013 Now Released! See The Trailer Here! - San Carlos Blog

New Champions At one minute past 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 19th, at the top of Eaton Park, Zach Bene, Nathan Godwin and Ryan Jeffries, unraveled the mystery of El Diablo and were given the keys to the treasure chest by the ghost of Mary Hull.  Saturday's event capped off the 8th Annual event for San Carlos Treasure Hunters. Over 350 people participated and volunteered in this year's event.  We will look forward to seeing everyone again next year.   … [Read more...]

PODCAST: An Interview with City Council Candidate Cameron Johnson


Meet Cameron Johnson It was a pleasure to conduct the following podcast for Cameron Johnson, who is running for San Carlos City Council this November. In my experience knowing Cameron, I have found him to be hard working, balanced, open minded and very bright.  Take a listen to the podcast below to learn a little bit more about Cameron. *** To be taken directly to Cameron's website, click here.       … [Read more...]

San Carlos Q1 Trend Report


The San Carlos Q1 Trend Report Each quarter we publish the San Carlos Trend Report.  This is a custom report generated from the most recent MLS data.  This report will give you a snapshot of the market performance against previous years as well as the ability to drill down into more specific numbers for each neighborhood.  To download the full report, please click here. … [Read more...]

Thanks, And Happy Holidays From The San Carlos Blog!


Thank you I want to take this brief opportunity to thank all of you for your patronage to the San Carlos Blog.  We are half way into our 6th year of providing the San Carlos community with an insider's view into real estate and the community issues that matter most to San Carlans.  None of this would be possible without your continued support. The Business Side Of Things First, let me say that I hate writing about the business side of things.  I have always limited the business side of things to a small tab on the … [Read more...]

The New San Carlos Market: Good For Some, Difficult For Others


Great For Some, Difficult For Others The rapidly changing San Carlos real estate market has sent prices in some areas of the city into uncharted territory.  While this news is applauded by current San Carlos homeowners, it is having the opposite effect on some other groups around San Carlos.  The identity of some of these groups is obvious.  With others, it’s not so apparent. Primary Culprit: Low Inventory While historically low interest rates and an improving economy are both contributing factors to the sudden … [Read more...]

My Upcoming, Off/On Market Listings in San Carlos


Coming Soon!  Howard Park/Off-Market  I have a wonderful off-market listing coming up on a less-traveled, highly desirable street in San Carlos.  This is a ten year old home which was built by Joe Ravella.  It has four spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms, formal dining, living and family rooms, an open kitchen, a two-car garage and an intelligent design.  This home is just over 2,000 square feet on a 5,000 square foot lot.  List price is still being defined, but will be in the 1.5M range.  We will be holding private … [Read more...]

San Carlos Housing Market Will Avoid Normal Holiday Season Slowdown


Not A Normal Year Each year the San Carlos housing market has a predictability factor that allows agents to advise their clients on when to buy and sell a home.  For example, the time period of March through May is generally accepted as the time of the year with the highest inventory and most transactions.  September through October offers a secondary window of high activity.  The summer months can be tricky due to vacation schedules.  Similarly, the second half of November through January can be seem like a ghost … [Read more...]