The First of Two Major Announcements from Bob Bredel & Chuck Gillooley

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The First Earlier this week, there were two very conspicuously similar posts on both the White Oaks Blog and the San Carlos Blog about a significant announcement that was to be made today. If you read one of our blogs, you very likely also read the other -- which is a big reason why this announcement makes so much sense. Those seemingly identical announcements were no sheer coincidence.  The things that we are announcing today and next week are indeed very much related and will have an impact on the local real … [Read more...]

The San Carlos 2014 Year-End Market Analysis Report


2014 Caps Another Phenomenal Year For San Carlos Real Estate 2014 marked the fourth consecutive year in a row for gains in the San Carlos real estate market.  For a complete year over year analysis of the San Carlos real estate market dating back to 2008, please download our custom 2008-2014 San Carlos Real Estate Report by clicking here.  Thank you for your patronage to the San Carlos Blog.  I sincerely appreciate it.  All the best for 2015. Bob Bredel       … [Read more...]

Dedication Video of Snow in San Carlos 1976


Let It Snow! In December of 2012, I published a video showing proof a freak snowstorm that hit San Carlos in February of 1976.  That posting was the single most viewed page I have ever had in the 8+ years of the San Carlos Blog.  I decided to re-post that video again this year because we have many new users on the site.  The opening shot is at Brittan Avenue and Alameda, looking south into Oak Park and White Oaks.  The backyard shots are from 1023 Alameda (corner of Brittan and Alameda), which was my family's … [Read more...]

Neighbor Problems in San Carlos


Still The City Of Good Living The City of San Carlos is still the City of Good Living.  There's no place I'd rather be.  The overwhelming majority of the city's residents enjoy their neighborhood and their immediate neighbors.  San Carlos is built around the idea of community, volunteerism and generosity. While I feel I have written many posts over the years praising San Carlos, it is also important to write posts on areas in which San Carlos could improve. Utopia does not exist in San Carlos or any other town for … [Read more...]

Just Released: San Carlos Education Foundation Real Estate Sponsor for 2015


A Partnership I am very proud to announce that after eight years of supporting the San Carlos Education Foundation as a Gold and Diamond Sponsor, myself and SCEF have just signed a deal which will result in a significant donation to SCEF for 2015, and more importantly, will help further link our San Carlos real estate market to our schools.  I am extremely proud to be the official San Carlos Education Foundation Real Estate Sponsor of 2015, and I look forward to working together for many more years to come. How … [Read more...]

Eucalyptus Avenue: A San Carlos Tradition For Halloween


A San Carlos Tradition The mere mention of the name "Eucalyptus" in and around San Carlos will conjure up images of holiday lights similar to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, imported snow, massive crowds and what has become known as "Mardi Gras for Kids" every October 31st.  Halloween is the opening act for Eucalyptus Avenue as it makes its way into the holiday season.  And unlike many opening acts, this one never disappoints.  Each year the amount of trick-or-treaters coming to visit Eucalyptus Avenue … [Read more...]

PART 2 – SELLERS: A Difficult Market, Tamed, With an Understanding of Probabilities


Stacking the Odds in Your Favor Welcome to Part 2 of 2, Sellers:  A Difficult Market, Tamed, With An Understanding of Probabilities. In last week's Part 1, we looked at the understanding of probabilities with buyers in San Carlos.  This week we will focus on Sellers.  Your initial reaction to seeing the words "Difficult Market" along with "Sellers, San Carlos" may be to give an exaggerated eye roll.  With the market so one-sided, what could possibly be so difficult on the selling side?  The answer:  a lot. If … [Read more...]

PART ONE – BUYERS. A Difficult San Carlos Market, Tamed, With An Understanding Of Probabilities


Stacking The Odds In Your Favor The buyers and sellers who truly do well in the San Carlos real estate market understand that it is a game of probabilities. The ability to continually put yourself in the most advantageous position throughout the process separates those who are successful from those who are struggling. Today’s post, PART ONE – BUYERS, will look at the role of probabilities for buyers in San Carlos. PART TWO – SELLERS, will look at the role of probabilities for sellers in San Carlos and will be … [Read more...]

Introducing A Stunning Technological Advancement For Real Estate Sales


Revolutionary Technology Good-bye Virtual Tours! The title of the post pretty much says it all. What you are about to see is completely revolutionary to the world of real estate sales.  Say good-bye to virtual tours.  Welcome to the world of 3-D photography.  This revolutionary technology will allow anyone around the world to see your listed home 24/7 from their computer or mobile device and they will feel as if they are in your home at an open house.  A Silicon Valley company named Matterport has unveiled the … [Read more...]