What Type Of Property Inspections Are Most Common in San Carlos?


Inspections Are Important San Carlos buyers would be wise to conduct their own inspections on a home before agreeing to remove their property inspection contingency. Most sellers will give the buyers a property and termite inspection as part of their disclosure package.  However, please remember that unless the buyer has paid a fee to those inspectors the reports will not bind the inspector and his reports to the buyer.  In other words, if the inspector missed a crucial item in the inspection the buyer will not … [Read more...]

Be Smart About Marketing Your San Carlos Home


All Advertising Starts with a Target Audience You've decided to list your home.  You and your realtor have decided on an amount to be dedicated toward advertising your home.  You are then be faced with hundreds of advertising options.  Newspapers, magazines, mailers and a host of online sites will all be anxious to get their hands on some of your advertising dollars.  Which medium will get you the biggest bang for your buck? First, you need to understand your target audience. What's Working Well Buyers looking … [Read more...]

The 2011 San Carlos Real Estate Trend Report


The 2011 San Carlos Real Estate Trend Report There are many things you could say about the residential real estate market in San Carlos for 2011.  In a nutshell, prices are down slightly, but sales are up.  Our 2011 San Carlos Real Estate Trend Report has been drafted entirely by me and my staff.  It represents the most comprehensive information available as of today for San Carlos 2011 in the areas that matter most. A full version of the report can be downloaded by clicking here. … [Read more...]

5 Things You Never Knew About San Carlos


Snow storms, free lots and poverty.  Think you know San Carlos?  Think again.  Below are 5 facts about San Carlos that you may not know: 1. It's Snowing in San Carlos! Believe it or not, it's true.  I was here to see it.  Granted I was only 1 year old, but I'm sure I had fun.  In February of 1976, a freak snowstorm did more than lightly dust San Carlos with a thin layer of snow.  Laurel Street received 3-4 inches of snow while the top of Brittan Avenue received 6 inches.  Stay tuned for, what I believe, is the … [Read more...]

Synthetic Turf Moves Off the Hot Seat as Council Vote Gives Final Go-Ahead


At Monday night's San Carlos City Council meeting, San Carlos staff made the recommendation to the city council to approve a contract in the amount of $1,746, 150 to Interstate Grading and Paving for the Highlands Field Renovation, i.e. synthetic turf.  The timing of the proposed synthetic turf comes at a time when public awareness regarding possible park closures and a major city-wide budget shortfall are at an all-time high.  After a major downturn in the economy and the failure of Measure U (sales tax increase) … [Read more...]

Assessing the Damage to the San Carlos Real Estate Market

sale pending

That powerful storm of  impossible lending guidelines, a poor economy and buyer uncertainty which was parked over the City of San Carlos for the past 12 months did do damage to San Carlos property values.  The good news is that the storm seems to have moved on.  Now comes the unenviable task of assessing the damage. What Started the Downturn for San Carlos? Let's start with the basics.  First, many parts of the country have been suffering through the housing downturn for quite some time, much longer than our 12 … [Read more...]