4th Annual San Carlos Treasure Hunters Produces New Winners

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Beating out 53 other competitive teams, Team #16, RDC, struck gold under a wooden bridge in Big Canyon Park and became the winners of San Carlos Treasure Hunters 2010, The Secret Treasure of Zoe A. Powers.  Team #16 was comprised of Graham Godwin, Phoebe Hopp and Ryan Walsh. The team had to uncover ten hidden clue locations which were based on a San Carlos history book, the San Carlos parks system and the story of Zoe A. Powers.  The hunt was further complicated by periods of rain and muddy conditions along some of the trails.  The team kept its cool and two hours and thirty six minutes after the hunt started, Ryan, Graham and Phoebe went home with the treasure.  To watch a video of the even, look on the right hand side of the home page and click play.  Double click to watch a full screen version.

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