A Very Important Post: Your Help Is Needed Immediately

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Chris Mahoney’s Story

Chris Mahoney is a father, a husband, a teacher and Director of the Charter Learning Center in San Carlos.  He has devoted his life in the service of helping others.  His efforts over the years have had a positive impact on kids from Massachusetts to California.  He is young.  He has many more years to give.  He wants, more than anything, not only to spend it with his family, but also to use his time to continue to help others.  Chris’ wife, Michelle, wants nothing more than to grow old with her husband.  His three-year-old son, Emerson, wants nothing more than to spend more time with his Daddy.  He needs your help now, more than ever.

In 2003, while living in New York, Chris met his wife, Michelle, who was living in Boston. It was only a few months into their relationship when Chris was diagnosed with PSC.  Despite the grim outlook, their relationship continued both to grow and flourish.  In 2005, they married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Soon after moving to the Bay Area in 2006, Chris was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. Though Chris was treated for the cancer and was in remission, he was told that the presence of cancer banned him from the transplant list until 2012.

In March 2012, Chris’ blood suddenly stopped clotting and he was rushed to the Emergency Room at UCSF Hospital.  After two weeks and multiple tests, the specialists at UCSF Hospital informed Chris that his liver was failing.  Without a liver transplant in the next six to twelve months, Chris will most likely die.

Together, We Can Help

I had the privilege of coaching baseball in San Carlos for a few seasons with Chris. I got to see up close how positive he is and what a tremendous impression he is able to make on kids within our community.  Keep in mind that Chris came to baseball practices and the games after his Director duties at CLC were complete.  Chris did not have a child on the team.  He was simply there to help. He is the definition of someone who is committed to this community and the helping of others, over himself.  In what is now his most difficult hour, it is time for the San Carlos community to come together to help this man who has given so much of himself to our city.

It took a lot of courage for Chris to come forward and ask the community for help.  Chris and his family will need financial assistance (due to sky rocketing medical costs), as well as help in the search for a donor.  This is a last option for him.  You can help, and here’s how:

1.  Donate Immediately.  You can donate immediately through Chris’ official site as well as apply to be a donor match.  You can reach his site by clicking here. You can connect directly to his dedicated Facebook page by clicking here.

2.  Golf Tournament.  I will be organizing a golf tournament for the benefit of Chris.  All proceeds will benefit Chris and his family.  More info on the SCB as soon as we have confirmed dates.

3.  San Carlos Treasure Hunters.  This will be the first year that we will have an optional donation option for SCTH.  All proceeds from this event will benefit Chris and his family as well.

Given the amount of families that Chris has helped in San Carlos throughout the years, we believe there may be others wanting to organize different fundraising events.  I am happy to help publicize any of these efforts on this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope that you will consider helping Chris and his family.

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