Announcing the “2012 SCEF Package” For Buyers and Sellers

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Partnership with SCEF

I am very proud to announce my partnership with the San Carlos Education Foundation. Working together, we have come up with the “2012 SCEF Package” which will result in a significant benefit to San Carlos schools.

The SCEF Package

The 2012 SCEF Package is available to all sellers and buyers working with my team.  Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

* The 2012 SCEF Package operates on the premise that all who contribute to a house being sold or bought contribute a meaningful amount to SCEF.  This includes everyone from me, to all members of my team, including property inspectors, stagers, landscapers and more.

* For all those using the 2012 SCEF Package, I will contribute $3,000 of my commission directly to SCEF upon the close of each escrow.

* All other members of my team will contribute 20% of their invoices to SCEF as well.  This means 20% of the cost of all reports, staging, landscaping and handyman expenses all go to SCEF.

* I will handle the collection of all amounts and present SCEF with one check upon the close of escrow, with a copy of all receipts.

* For those buying and selling, the 2012 SCEF Package allows me and my team  to double our contributions to SCEF.

* While the vast majority of my transactions take place in San Carlos, the prospective sale or purchase does not need to take place in San Carlos to qualify.

What the 2012 SCEF Package can do for our schools

In 2011, I represented 19 buyers and sellers in successful San Carlos transactions. Projecting a similar number for 2012, and assuming the use of the SCEF Package, would allow for a significant donation to San Carlos schools. For all of the details or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




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