Backyards Becoming King in San Carlos

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More and more homeowners are putting a substantial amount of money into their backyards.  Kitchens used to get all of the attention on re-sale, but they are slowly starting to share that top space with backyards. Built-in barbeques, heat lamps, flagstone patios, arbors, outdoor kitchens, kegerators (you know who you are), covered decks, fire pits….the list goes on and on.  Houses with great backyards flat-out sell in San Carlos. San Carlos is not known for its 3,500 square foot homes.  The lot size, city restrictions and remodeling costs are all prohibitive factors for many looking to add substantial square footage onto their homes.

San Carlos homeowners have slowly put the pieces together:  The easiest way to increase your space is by putting a fraction of possible addition costs into your backyard. Backyards are generally completely livable for more than half of the year.  Maximizing the functionality and use of the backyard area can make the home feel much larger.  Additionally, functional backyards work very well for families with children.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still spend a pretty penny on a backyard makeover, but many of the improvements can be done by the homeowner and you can have a fantastic backyard for much less than you may believe.  Beyond the functionality, a well designed backyard will sit well with buyers.

Holding homes open in San Carlos over the past few years, it is quite clear that there is more and more of an emphasis from buyers on the “new” backyard.  The new backyard is much more than a place for the kids to play.  It’s a place for adults as well.  Most buyers who are seriously considering a home try to visualize their own families in the house.  An outdoor kitchen with a stone fire pit and comfortable chairs is not only an easy visualization, it’s a pleasant one.  In some instances, a great backyard can overcome a very average house.  Additionally, a great backyard will make you stand out among your competition if you should ever decide to sell.

If you are considering a backyard remodel and feel that you would benefit from a qualified contractor, please feel free to email me and I would be happy to give you a few options.

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