Bluebird by eScrip Feathers the Nests of Local Schools at a Critical Time

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Bluebird by eScrip feathers the nests of local schools at a critical time

San Mateo, CA-August 15, 2011- San Mateo’s eScrip Corporation, which set the standard for consumer-merchant school & community fundraising through partnerships with regional retailers such as Safeway, Lunardi’s, Andronico’s, Nordstrom,, and Macy’s, has launched a new  dimension to their school fundraising model by entering the popular and competitive group-buying/daily deal marketplace in July, 2011.

Bluebird by eScrip, features bi-weekly discounted online offers that make a difference by donating 5% of the purchase price back to the school of the buyer’s choice.  Leveraging the eScrip’s existing IT and back-end systems for fulfillment, the Bluebird by eScrip site is being directly marketed to the loyal and vital consumer  eScrip subscriber base, which, since the company’s inception in 1999, boasts over 3 million families and has facilitated the fundraising efforts of thousands of area schools to the tune of over $350 million.

eScrip’s  history and affiliation with the community gives Bluebird by eScrip a distinct position in the marketplace. Buyers can feel good about their purchases by contributing directly to their local school’s fundraising efforts through a reputable and established school fundraising company while getting great local products and services at a discount.

Bluebird by eScrip offers merchants of all sizes the opportunity to increase awareness and foot traffic through compelling discounted offers, emailed to new and existing  eScrip subscribers; offers will appear  to those established  eScrip subscribers; over 90,000 on the Peninsula alone, all at no upfront cost to the merchant.

Peninsula grocer Chris Bianchini says, “we chose to participate in the Bluebird by eScrip program as opposed to other daily deal sites because we knew the customer base we would reach would be an upscale demographic that weren’t just looking for a deal, but would come back… and the school donation piece was in line with our values…it’s been a success for us.”

Bluebird by eScrip lands in the region at a very critical time.  “More than ever, Schools and Non-profit organizations are seeking ways to continue funding of valuable programs, and Bluebird delivers a nice opportunity for increased funding,” quotes Joanne Remillard, Executive VP at eScrip. “We designed Bluebird to offer great deals from local merchants for the buyers as well as continuing our mission of creating funding for local schools and nonprofits,” adds Remillard.

“We are so excited at the opportunity Bluebird brings to our school” said Juliette Goldman from Kehillah Jewish High School in Palo Alto. “Our families will benefit from buying local deals at an attractive discount, while also supporting our group with each purchase. We look forward to spreading the word throughout our community,” Goldman adds.

About eScrip:

Administered by Electronic Scrip Inc. (ESI), the eScrip program delivers loyalty programs that bring retailers, manufacturers and service providers forward in support of education and community programs. To date, the eScrip program has generated more than $350 million in merchant contributions to over 45,000 schools and organizations across the country.

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