Breaking News: San Carlos is on PG&E’s Top 100 Segment List for Gas Pipes

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I want to strongly emphasize that the purpose of this post is not to alarm anyone.  With the information available at this point, it is almost impossible to understand just what placement on the Top 100 list entails.  The purpose of this post is to simply let you know that San Carlos is on the list.

PG&E just released a list entitled the Top 100 Segments, in which they detail the top 100 segments of gas pipe that are in need of further evaluation.  One of those sections listed as Map No. 18, can be found in San Carlos on Brittan Avenue, between Brittan Avenue and El Camino.

PG&E established a key factor for determining the placement on the list for each segment.  The key factor for the pipe in San Carlos was: Physical Design and Characteristics.

PG&E defines this term as follows:

“Physical Design and Characteristics: Factors include items such as: the age of pipe, the type of welding performed on the pipe, the fittings used in the pipeline, and the materials used to manufacture the pipe. Some of the actions PG&E would take to reduce this risk factor include replacement of the pipe or fittings in order to upgrade or improve the design or characteristics of the line segment.”
Further, PG&E gives a brief explanation of why the 105 feet of pipe that is under review:

“PG&E is conducting an engineering review of the design materials of 105 feet of pipe near Brittan Ave and El Camino Real in San Carlos. Based on this review, PG&E will determine whether any repair or replacement action is warranted.”

The ranking system, which appears to rank San Carlos in the upper half of all listed pipe segment locations, is a bit difficult to understand.  To view the complete release from PG&E, please click here.

There is a lot of information which still needs to be more thoroughly understood before jumping to any conclusions regarding the pipe in question for San Carlos.  This post will be updated as more becomes available.

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