Breaking News: San Carlos School District Puts Forth New Elementary School Boundaries

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Responding to impacting issues at White Oaks Elementary and focusing on boosting enrollment at Heather School, the San Carlos School District has released a map of proposed changes.  The district wants to make clear that currently enrolled students and their soon-to-be-enrolled siblings will not be affected by the new boundaries. The new Superintendent, Craig Baker, will be hosting a town hall meeting on Monday, November 30th at the San Carlos Library at 7:30 pm to answer questions and respond to any comments.

Here are some of the highlights to the proposed changes:

The following changes are being proposed:

  • The area between Howard St. and Brittan Ave, between Cedar and El Camino would move from White Oaks to Brittan Acres
  • The east side, north of Bransten (which should be all private east side residences) would move from Brittan Acres to Arundel
  • The canyon area west of Devonshire/Exeter/Madera would move from Arundel to Heather

To view a map of the boundary changes, please click here.

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