Bring Back the San Carlos Bowl

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That’s right. Bring it back. I know of a certain prime location on Laurel Street directly across the street from the post office…..the old Bell Market space.

Sixteen lanes, flat screen televisions, disco bowling on Friday and Saturday nights, birthday parties, and a 1950’s diner in front, facing Laurel Street, would be a welcome addition to downtown San Carlos.

San Carlos has obviously made great strides in revitalizing its downtown. However, most of the new restaurants, bars, etc, are geared toward adults. Few spots downtown are geared toward adults and kids. The San Carlos Bowl would need to be more than a bowling alley. It would need to offer kids a fun and safe place to gather. It would also need to have private birthday rooms, pool tables and a diner.

Take a stroll downtown one afternoon. Lots of kids without a place to hang out. Raiding the candy bins at Diddams and the pizza ovens at Speederia is bound to get old. The City of San Carlos has a chance to balance downtown with the needs of adults, kids and families. Bring back the San Carlos Bowl.

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