Chicken’s Ball 2012 Announces Search for General Chair

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Planning is getting under way for the 2012 San Carlos Chickens’ Ball with the announcement that Amy Walsh, a representative of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center, will be the Chair of the Chickens’ Ball Steering Committee. Outgoing General Chair, Sunny Kottmeier, thanked Sonya Sigler, the outgoing Steering Chair, for the wonderful year they had together putting on the 2010 Chickens’ Ball, which raised $35,000 for all seven schools in San Carlos.

The Steering Committee is made up of two representatives from each school’s PTA or parent groups, and three at large members from the San Carlos community. The San Carlos PTA Coordinating Council sponsors this unique biennial event that has been in production since 1940, making it the longest running PTA sponsored fundraiser in the United States. There are a few open positions for Steering Representatives from the following schools: Arundel (2), Central, White Oaks, Tierra Linda, and Brittan Acres. Anyone interested in joining the Steering Committee, as a school representative, should contact his or her PTA or parent group President.

One of the first decisions the Steering Committee makes is to appoint a General Chair for the 2012 Ball.  Anyone interested in this position should contact Amy Walsh at [email protected].

The Chickens’ Ball is a variety show set in the 1890’s Barbary Coast of San Francisco.  Local talent presents short skits in competition with other skits for “pokes of gold”.  They each tell a story of the Coast with songs and jokes, wonderful costumes and sets, all created by the club or organization presenting the skit.  The main focus of the event is to raise the level of community spirit and participation in San Carlos. The San Carlos PTA Coordinating Council chooses how to distribute the money raised by each Ball and it is meant to assist with drama, music, and some of those precious “extras” in the classrooms. Keep an eye out for more information on the 2012 Chickens’ Ball.

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