Chickens’ Ball 2012

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Ever heard of Chickens’ Ball and wondered, what the heck is a
Chickens’ Ball?
In 1940 a San Carlos teacher started the San Carlos Chickens’
Ball as a way to raise milk money for all of the school children in
San Carlos. The Chickens’ Ball is a unique community show set
in the 1890’s Barbary Coast of San Francisco. Schools and
community groups perform variety skits and melodramas to
compete for pokes of “gold” just like they did in San Francisco in
the 1890’s. A distinctive San Carlos tradition, the Ball is held
every even year to raise funds for all seven schools in San Carlos.
Come join the fun and be a part of the 2012 Ball.

Do you like to sing or dance? Act? Sew? Paint? Brandish a glue gun? Hide behind the curtain? Control the
lights and sound? Chickens’ Ball is a community effort and requires the participation of many people on and off
stage. If you have a show talent and would like to be a part of the 2012 Chickens’ Ball, please contact:
Sonya Sigler, 2012 Chairman at [email protected]
Connie Barba, 2012 Production Chair at [email protected]

2012 Chickens’ Ball Performances
Sunday, April 15 – 2 pm Preview Matinee
Friday, April 20 – 8 pm Show
Saturday, April 21 – 2 pm Matinee
Saturday, April 21 – 8 pm Show
Sunday, April 22 – 2 pm Matinee
Thursday, April 26 – 8 pm Show
Friday, April 27 – 8 pm Show
Saturday, April 28 – 8 pm Show
More information is available at

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