Clearfield Park (East San Carlos)

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Clearfield Park refers to the section of homes east of El Camino in San Carlos.  Originally, many of these smaller homes were owned by United Airlines and rented out to their employees stationed at their hub at SFO.  Over time United Airlines sold these homes and today Clearfield Park has transformed itself into a very pleasant part of San Carlos.  Judged in its entirety, Clearfield Park represents the most economical Area of San Carlos.  First time buyers are more likely to find a lower home price in Clearfield Park over any other area of the city.  Clearfield Park has made great strides in the last ten years.  Drive down any of the streets in Clearfield Park and you will see some very nice remodels including a great neighborhood park where Laureola School used to be situated….now called Laureola Park.  Clearfield Park also affords its residents an easy stroll to downtown San Carlos and the train station.

The negative aspects to Clearfield Park as seen by most buyers and realtors are its close proximity to the train tracks, 101 and Holly Street.  Additionally, buyers have expressed that the streets are narrow and crowded with parking.  I believe that these are all fair points raised by buyers, however, as a counterpoint, I would point to the residents of Clearfield Park.  Many of the residents love where they live and take great pride in their neighborhood.  I would also add that Clearfield Park seems to be a neighborhood in transition.  With more construction starting weekly, I believe the neighborhood has nowhere to go but up.

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