Current San Carlos Market Numbers May Indicate Some Positive Signs

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San Carlos continues to have very little new inventory.  As of Sunday, February 15th, we have 56 Single Family Residences (SFR) on the market. Somewhat surprising is the fact that San Carlos has closed the gap on the ratio of Active versus Pending Properties.  Currently, 20 SFRs have a Pending status.  This gives us a slightly better than 3 to 1 ratio of Active versus Pending properties.  In fact, this is the best ratio that we have seen in San Carlos in some time.  Dig down a little deeper and you can see the inventory ratios for the six different Areas of San Carlos:

If you would like to know which Area you are located in, please see below:

Area 350 Alder Manor.  Current inventory:  4 homes.  Average inventory.

Area 351 Beverly Terrace.  Current inventory:  22 homes.  40% of the current inventory is in this Area.

Area 352 El Sereno (White Oaks).  Current inventory:  13 homes.  Average inventory.

Area 353 Howard Park.  Current inventory:  6 homes.  Less inventory than normal, especially if you take into consideration that 4 of those 6 homes are listed above 1.895M.

Area 354 Clearfield Park.  Current inventory: 2 homes.  Slightly less than normal inventory.

Area 355 Cordes.  Current inventory: 9 homes.  Average inventory.



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