Do You Live on the Best Street in San Carlos?

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When I first get together with sellers in San Carlos, one of the most common remarks I hear centers around the sadness they feel having to leave their particular street.  For San Carlos, the particular street you live on can really enhance your quality of life.  Last year I published an article called the “Best Streets of San Carlos”.  This has been the second most visited page on the San Carlos Blog. Talking with different people in San Carlos, many feel that they, in fact, live on the best San Carlos street.  Over the holiday break I had a chance to speak with a resident of the 1500 Block of Morse.  For those of you who don’t know, Morse is just east of Burton Park, right in the middle of the area known as Howard Park.  This particular resident of Morse believes that they have the best street in San Carlos.  Frankly, he may be right. Nicely remodeled houses on slightly larger than average lots, close proximity to Burton Park, close to the north end of Laurel, all the neighbors knows each other……they even have a Morse Blvd logo.  They make a strong case. I told him that I was thinking of writing an article which would invite residents to write in if they believed they lived on the best block in San Carlos.  Further, I asked him if I could use his nomination of Morse as a starting point.  He agreed, but wanted to stress that it was all in good fun and simply showing pride in their street…..which is just the right attitude.

This year, I will not name the best street in San Carlos.  The San Carlos Blog readers will handle that. Think your street is one of the best in San Carlos?  Tell the rest of San Carlos why. We will take the top 3 submissions and put it to a vote on the San Carlos Blog.  The winning street/block will have a full article on the blog devoted to their street and be named the 2009 Best San Carlos Street.

Finally, I want to reiterate that this is just for fun and gives folks the ability to tell everyone else in San Carlos what works well on their street. I want to stress that it is not the price of your home, but the community effort of the street that matters.  From wine Fridays to annual block parties to neighborhood directories….this is your chance to tell San Carlos why your street is special.  It’s easy.  Simply respond to this post with your own story.  Morse is going to be tough to beat….does your street have what it takes?

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