Education Parcel Tax Could be on Special Ballot in May

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There is a strong sense among community members that if an additional parcel tax for education was put before the voters again, it would pass.  Measure S, the “Excellence in Education Tax” was poised to replace the current Measure D Parcel tax which would have raised the parcel tax from $75 to $185.  Measure S came up just short in the November election, with 65.6% of voters supporting the Measure.  66.7%  was the percentage needed to pass Measure S.

At urging of numerous community members the San Carlos School District considered another ballot attempt.  Godbe Research conducted a 400-person survey to try an ascertain if there was enough support for a second attempt at a parcel tax.  More specifically, if there was adequate support the district wanted to know the approximate amount the voters would support as well as the duration of the parcel tax. These are items which will needed to be decided on prior to February 6, 2009, in order to make it on the May ballot.  Currently, the district is considering a $78 a year parcel tax for five years.

The San Carlos School District has maintained that without this parcel tax certain key programs may be cut.  Please visit School Board Member Mark Olbert’s site which expands on these issues by clicking here.  Additionally, the full article from the San Mateo Daily Journal can be found by clicking here.

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