El Sereno Corte “White Oaks”

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West of El Camino Real, South of Brittan Avenue, North of Eaton Avenue and East of Alameda de las Pulgas is El Sereno Corte, or what many residents call “White Oaks”. Technically, White Oaks (referring to the White Oaks Elementary School) is in a slightly more confined area. White Oaks has been a favorite destination for buyers for years. White Oaks Elementary is one of the top performing elementary schools in California. Aside from an outstanding elementary school, White Oaks offers outstanding neighborhoods in which many homes have been remodeled. Additionally, living in White Oaks allows you to easily walk to downtown San Carlos and Burton Park.

There are few drawbacks to living in White Oaks. The most common complaint from buyers is that White Oaks lot sizes are too small and the homes are on top of each other. The most common question I get from buyers who look in White Oaks is, “Why did they make the lot sizes so small?” The answer is that in the 1930s and early 40s when San Carlos was trying to sell lots in White Oaks, the country was still feeling the effects of the Great Depression. Additionally, prospective home buyers were having a difficult time imagining themselves living any further south than San Mateo. At that time, most of the lot sizes were double the size they are currently. In order to help people afford San Carlos, the city agreed to cut the White Oaks lot sizes in half, thus cutting down on the prospective property taxes.

If you can make friends with your neighbors, White Oaks is an outstanding part of San Carlos to call “home”.

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