Eucalyptus Delivers…….Again

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Love it or hate it, the chaos which occurs on Eucalyptus every Halloween and Christmas has made San Carlos a seasonal destination for folks from outside the city limits.  The crowds seem to grow every year, as does the mardi gras-like atmosphere.  The craziness that occurs on Eucalyptus works so well because it is fun for kids and adults. Kids are in pure heaven, for all of the obvious reasons.  Eucalyptus works well for adults because the street closure helps with safety and allows parents to focus on enjoying their time with their kids.  Additionally, the abundance of red cups that I spotted last night certainly did not dampen the mood….

While the majority of San Carlans appear to appreciate the efforts of those on Eucalyptus, there are some who question the excess, particularly of the lights at Christmas.  Additionally, a few Eucalyptus residents will tell you privately that the festivities year after year, especially in the weeks surrounding Christmas has grown old.  This year’s Halloween celebration was allegedly not without controversy, either.  I have been given differing accounts of what happened and therefore will not discuss it further.

I think most residents are very much aware of the tremendous amount of work and effort that go into creating the scenes on Eucalyptus for Halloween and Christmas.  Additionally, I do believe that the majority of residents are thankful for the efforts of those folks as well. At the end of the day, for the thousands of kids who have traveled to Eucalyptus over the past few years it is sure to be a memory for the rest of their lives…..and that is what it’s all about.

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