Everything That is Right About San Carlos.

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Remember why you moved here.

With all that is going on in our town recently it is easy to get caught up in an avalanche of negativity.  Lost somewhere between budget deficits, school boundaries, synthetic fields and tax increases, are the reasons many of us moved here in the first place.

Over the past three years I have occasionally posted articles that asked San Carlans what they liked best about San Carlos.  The following is a compilation of what your neighbors had to say when asked:

Words you think of to describe San Carlos:


Community oriented








The best parts about San Carlos:

San Carlos Schools

Laurel Street

Hometown Days

Art and Wine Festival

Music in the Park

San Carlos Educational Foundation

Chicken’s Ball

Burton Park

Week of the Family

Eucalyptus during Christmas

Hiller Aviation Museum

I have a lot of confidence in San Carlos. Times are tough and it is easy to dwell on all that is currently wrong with San Carlos.  However, my personal belief is that everything which makes San Carlos unique is still here and will continue to make San Carlos a special place to live.  I want say thank you to San Carlos Blog reader, Dave M., for his contributions to this post.

If you have other items that you would like to add to this list, please do so below.  If you have your own story of why you chose to live in San Carlos and would like to share it below, please feel free to do so….and remember why you moved here.

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