The First of Two Major Announcements from Bob Bredel & Chuck Gillooley

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The First

Earlier this week, there were two very conspicuously similar posts on both the White Oaks Blog and the San Carlos Blog about a significant announcement that was to be made today. If you read one of our blogs, you very likely also read the other — which is a big reason why this announcement makes so much sense. Those seemingly identical announcements were no sheer coincidence.  The things that we are announcing today and next week are indeed very much related and will have an impact on the local real estate market.

On behalf of Chuck Gillooley and myself, I am very pleased to announce that we have formalized a strategic business partnership — Bredel & Gillooley — which not only includes ourselves as top-producing local Realtors, but also connects the San Carlos and White Oaks Blogs. This has been something that we have been working toward for some time and we are thrilled that we can finally go public with what we believe will be an extraordinary team that is poised to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, insightful and effective representation in San Carlos.

Why the Partnership?

A few reasons: First, the real estate landscape has changed dramatically in San Carlos over the last few years. What has been happening in San Carlos and the rest of the mid-peninsula is a game changer. It’s just not extreme inventory shortages that have plagued San Carlos for the last three years — it’s bigger than that. Entire towns, like San Carlos, are being re-shaped from their long-standing identity. As such, being on top of the real estate market is more than being able to conduct a comparative market analysis for your clients. It’s understanding how the community as a whole is functioning, what’s changing and what’s important to its residents. It’s literally having your finger on the pulse of the local real estate market.

For the past eight years, the San Carlos Blog and the White Oaks Blog have been the go-to sites in San Carlos, not just for real estate updates and insight, but also for community issues and discussion. Combined, we are ready to put that knowledge and experience to work for all of our clients.

What Changes?

Simply put, you get both of us. While one of us will be your lead agent, you will get the experience, knowledge and advice of the other. If you are a seller, your home gets the highly local exposure on both the San Carlos Blog and the White Oaks Blog. We will both work to drive the highest number of qualified buyers to your home through a unique marketing plan that can only be accomplished by using both of our sites.

If you are a buyer, you will have complete access to upcoming listings known by both of us. Inventory is the kingpin right now. Buyers availing themselves to the greatest number of opportunities will only increase their odds of landing the home they want.

We are very excited to launch our new partnership, and to offer all of you the experience, knowledge and insight that is so important in our highly performing and ever-changing San Carlos market.

The Next Big Announcement:

The Bredel & Gillooley team is only part of a much bigger, exciting evolution that will be taking place in the world of San Carlos real estate.  Holding true to the roots of our area, we are proud to announce the formation of a new real estate brokerage in downtown San Carlos that has been completely retooled from the ground up, and builds on the concepts of experience, collaboration, and technology — which are the hallmarks of our partnership. This new brokerage offers a sleek new look and a hip, modern feel. More importantly, the brokerage that we have in place represents some of the most recognized and established agents in the San Carlos, Redwood City, and Belmont real estate markets. We are very excited to be a part of this new venture going forward and look forward to working with all of the outstanding agents throughout San Carlos.

The complete agent roster and brokerage unveiling is expected next week. Please stay tuned for that very special announcement on both the San Carlos Blog and White Oaks Blog.

A sincere thank you from both of us. We look forward to seeing you around town!

— Bob Bredel & Chuck Gillooley


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