From San Carlos Little League to the St. Louis Cardinals: Daniel Descalso Makes an Immediate Impact

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Daniel Descalso’s days of playing ball at Burton Park are long gone.  The San Carlos native got his shot in the big leagues this week when the St. Louis Cardinals called him up from the minors.  In his first two games, Daniel went 5-8, including 2 doubles, 2 RBIs, a stolen base and a run scored. In other words, he has quadrupled the entire San Francisco Giants output over the last two games.

I was fortunate enough to coach two years of Pony baseball in San Carlos with Daniel’s father, George Descalso.  At that time, Daniel had just been drafted by the Cardinals and was sent to work through their minor league system.  Daniel was nice enough to stop by and pitch batting practice to the kids on our team when he was on leave from his team.  The kids on our team thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Descalso family still lives on Eaton Avenue and is very active in the San Carlos community with Daniel’s younger brothers and sisters.  Daniel attended St. Francis High School and then went to college at U.C. Davis. Daniel’s success is a very local and real reminder, that dedication and hard work do pay off.

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