Good Life Kids Calendar Returns

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The GOOD LIFE KIDS CALENDAR is back! Bon Vie Studios has once again teamed up with the Parks and Recreation Foundation of San Carlos to create the second annual Good Life Kids Calendar! We are looking for the 2012 winners! This year… bring your fuzzy friend along – real or faux-  your own or borrowed!

OVER $10,000….is what the Good Life Kids 2011 Calendar raised for the Parks and Recreation Foundation of San Carlos!

Keep the GOOD in the City of GOOD Living!

Bon Vie Studios is donating their time to provide mini-sessions for your $100 minimum donation to the PRFSC.  Bon Vie Studios will then chose their favorite photo from each session and the photos will be voted on online (no names will be used).  The top 13 photos with the most votes will be featured in the 2012 Good Life Kids Calendar.  Each vote will cost $1.00 and, of course, this  will be a donation to the PRFSC!  All sessions must be reserved!  To reserve a mini-session, write your check out to the PRFSC and bring it down to us to pick your time or give us a call.

TOMORROW!! April 20 10am-1pm
April 27 1:30pm-4pm
April 29 1:30pm – 5pm
May 7 9am-12pm

The session times went quickly last year so we will try to keep it updated on the Bon Vie Studios blog!  The calendar will be professionally printed and available for sale in October for the perfect gift!  And… yes… you guessed it, all proceeds from the sale of the calendar go back to PRFSC!

So what are you waiting for????  Give us a call now to reserve your prime spot…650.888.3775

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