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Being Aware

Posts like these certainly are not my favorite to write.  Whenever something doesn’t exactly reflect positively on what happens in my industry, it’s a far more difficult post to write.  However, the information is useful and may be able to save someone from major headache.  Many of us in real estate are fully aware of the strikes against our industry.  Pretending these issues do not exist or glossing over the fact that some of these antics do go on, does a disservice to all involved.

San Carlos is a desirable place to live.  You certainly do not need me to tell you that.  However, we also have very limited inventory.  Complicating matters even more is the fact that the highest areas of resale within the city have even lower inventory levels.  The result is competition and opportunity.  Competition from those involved in the real estate industry and opportunity from others who may use those circumstances to their benefit.

I want to be extremely clear that the purpose of this podcast is not to alarm anyone. The purpose of this podcast is simply make San Carlos aware of situations that have happened in the past and are likely to keep happening.  In the podcast I call out a few different situations.  Those situations range from the obvious, to ones you may want to keep in the back of your mind.  I want to also emphasize that the overwhelming majority of those involved in the San Carlos real estate industry hold themselves to a very high ethical standard and do everything possible to protect their clients and their clients’ home.

Below is a podcast of a few scenarios that you may want to be aware of for future reference:


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