Holiday Wish List for San Carlos Homeowners

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Given the season, I thought this would be a good time to assemble a San Carlos Holiday Wish List. In assembling the list below, I spoke with current clients, associates and San Carlos homeowners.  In no particular order here is a list of some of the items which they would put on their Holiday Wish List:

(1) A San Carlos High School. Yes…I realize this a pipe dream…however, there is nothing that would go further to alleviate the anxiety of parents with elementary age kids than a high school under the supervision of the San Carlos School District. Further, for those interested solely in improving their property values, nothing would be more of a silver bullet than a new San Carlos High School.  It is the one glaring blemish on the San Carlos resume.

(2) Parks/Open Space. San Carlos is doing everything it can to maximize its current space for parks.  The problem is that you cannot create more parks and open space if you do not have any more land.  In the early 80’s, San Carlos slowly sold off land that was wonderful for parks.  The La Mesa Field area was one of the most beautiful parks on the peninsula.  You could walk, jog, play soccer and have a view of the entire Bay Area.  It was stunning. The property was sold and developed.  Unfortunately, San Carlos has a history of doing this….going as far back as the early 1900s.  Another example was how Burton Park (formerly Recreation Park) almost did not exist.  Luckily, Pop Burton convinced a man by the name of Old Bertini to sell his land for development.  However, Burton would not allow the development without the concurrent development of a park in the middle of the development, which later became Burton Park.  Some last minute, skillful negotiating saved this park from never existing.  Finally, a little known fact is that the city does own some property west of Crestview which could be developed, at the very least, for trails and open space beyond its current use.

(3) Community Pool. This idea has been going back and forth in San Carlos for the last ten years.  The original thought was to put it a Laureola Park, but a lack of  funding canceled those plans.  Palo Alto has a community pool located in the middle of the city which is extremely popular with the residents. This option makes sense for San Carlos when you consider that most of the lot sizes in San Carlos are simply too small to accommodate a pool.

(4) More Family-Friendly Restaurants. This was discussed in a blog article about six months ago. San Carlos has many fantastic restaurants, but many of those restaurants may be a bit too formal when you are trying to do something easy, especially with kids. Jack’s Prime, The Counter, Pasta Pomodoro….take your pick. The space is available on Laurel.

(5) Entertainment. I hear this request a lot. While the restaurants in downtown San Carlos are great, there is not much to do beyond that.  I cannot tell you how many people have asked me about the San Carlos Bowl returning.  For those that have been around San Carlos for a long time, you will remember the miniature golf course that used to be on Laurel.  While the miniature golf course may not be the most exciting place in town, it would do well in a town filled with kids. Other, more adult ideas that pop up are proposals for an outdoor venue with live music….not necessarily the size of a Gordon Biersch, but something similar with music, outdoor fire pits, etc.

Care to add to this wish list?  Please do so below.

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