How “San Carlos” Are You?

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Think you have good San Carlos knowledge?  Take the test and find out how you match up! Note all answers are listed at the bottom.

(1)  Diddams used to be:  (a) Woolworths (b) True Value Hardware (c) Mary Ann’s Fabric (d) A-1 Party Rentals

(2)  He is referred to as the Father of San Carlos (a) Nathaniel Brittan (b) Asa Hull (c) Fred Drake (d) Pop Burton

(3)  Gracie’s Delectables used to be (a) a shoe store (b) Hot Dog Factory (c) a bakery (d) Big Nick’s

(4)  A freak snowstorm hit San Carlos in this year (a) 1925 (b) 1976 (c) 1992 (d) never

(5)  All of the following are current city council members, except: (a) Brad Lewis (b) Matt Grocott (c) Randy Royce (d) John Hoffman

(6)  Recreation Park was renamed (a) Arguello Park (b) Burton Park (c) Cedar Street Park (d) Crestview Park

(7)  San Carlos was incorporated in what year (a) 1925 (b) 1900 (c) 1945 (d) 1962

(8)  He is credited with saving the land which is now Burton Park from being paved over for new houses when Howard Park was being developed: (a) Asa Hull (b) Pop Burton (c) Fred Drake (d) Tim McCarthy

(9)  The Howard Park streets, Elizabeth, Belle and Carmelita were named after this pioneer’s three daughters (a) Brittan (b) Drake (c) Knoll (d) Morse

(10) Historians believe that the Native American population that lived in present-day San Carlos had their main camp at (a) Carmelita Drive (b) Eaton Avenue (c) El Camino Real (d) Present day Arguello Park

(11) The location of the old San Carlos High School is present day (a) Laureola Park (b) Highlands Park (c) Crestview Park

(12) In the 1930’s this part of San Carlos was nicknamed Poverty Hill by many San Carlans due to the abandoned homes that were left under construction during the depression (a) Knoll Drive (b) Brittan Avenue (c) Eaton Park (d) Arundel Road

(13) All of the following used to be on San Carlos Avenue, except (a) 311 Club (b) Village Host (c) Best Buy Market (d) Lil’ Ann’s

(14) The population of San Carlos is approximately (a) 15,000 (b) 21,000 (c) 28,000 (d) 34,000

(15) The Olympic Torch raced through San Carlos on El Camino in this year (a) 1984 (b) 1976 (c) 1992 (d) 2000

Add up your score by comparing the correct answers below.  If you got:

15 Correct – You have earned the Key to the City!

12-14 Correct – A hardcore San Carlan

9-11 Correct – A San Carlan

5-8 Correct – Respectable, but some work to do

0-4 Correct – Re-take the test, and this time….cheat

Correct Answers

(1) (a) Woolworths

(2) (c) Fred Drake

(3) (b) Hot Dog Factory

(4) (b) 1976

(5) (d) John Hoffman

(6) (b) Burton Park

(7) (a) 1925

(8) (b) Pop Burton

(9) (a) Brittan

(10) (a) Carmelita Drive

11 (b) Highlands Park

12 (d) Arundel Road

13 (d) Lil’ Ann’s

14 (c) 28,000

15 (a) 1984

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