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White Oaks has long enjoyed the reputation of being the top San Carlos neighborhood in San Carlos-with good reason.  The White Oaks neighborhood is quaint, upscale, has a great elementary school and a wonderful sense of community.  However, its reputation as the top San Carlos neighborhood is being strongly challenged by Howard Park.  In full disclosure, I do live on a small street in Howard Park.  While I am doing my best to be completely objective, readers should know this fact. Before going any further, let me say that both are absolutely outstanding neighborhoods and this is not intended to be a post promoting one over the other.  Rather, this is a post that is reflective of commentary I have received from prospective buyers over the past 12 months as well as the relevant statistical data provided below

First, we should take a look at the raw data from both neighborhoods from the last 12 months.  Interestingly, Howard Park has come out ahead in each category:

Howard Park: 

Average Sales Price:  $1,204,600

Average Price Per Square Foot:  $703.44

Average Lot Size:   7,186 square feet

White Oaks: 

Average Sales Price:  $1,050,000

Average Price Per Square Foot:  $667.04

Average Lot Size:  5,646 square feet

A blog reader wrote in with some insightful information based on these numbers. And I am amending parts of this post.  First, a standard deviation is not accounted for in the above numbers.  Additionally, we did have low inventory this year, and that should be taken into account when viewing the stats above.

Has Howard Park taken over the top spot?  Many buyers believe it has or will do so in the near future, and the data seems to indicate that there is something to that argument.  Buyers that I have worked with in San Carlos over the last year have all mentioned the following as reasons they prefer Howard Park to White Oaks:

(1)  Larger lot sizes, slightly more privacy

(2)  Walking distance to the north end of Laurel Street

(3)  Shorter distance to Burton Park

(4)  Streets such as Carmelita, Alma, Elizabeth, Knoll, Eucalyptus, Rosewood, Morse and others, are all heavy hitters for resale and the 1.8M + market.

Whether this trend continues remains to be seen.  Additionally, the fact that San Carlos has two great neighborhoods competing at such a high level is great news for all homeowners in San Carlos.

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