Howard Park, White Oaks Still Most Costly in San Carlos

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Howard Park and White Oaks rank 1 & 2 out of the 6 areas of San Carlos in terms of cost per square foot for 2008.  Take a look at the numbers below which are representative of the first half of 2008 (Please note that DOM stands for Days on the Market):

Area of San Carlos        DOM       Price Sq. Ft.    Ave. Sale Price
353/Howard Park               22              $717                  $1,127,261
352/White Oaks                36              $674                  $1,060,596
350/Alder Manor               45              $630                  $1,155,381
351/Beverly Terrace          64              $627                   $1,313,100
355/Cordes                      31              $619                  $1,013,850
354/Clearfield Park           28              $564                   $602,400

As mentioned several times on the San Carlos Blog, do not put too much emphasis on price per square foot.  This component has more relevance in the commercial world of real estate, however, when the averages are examined the price per square foot can paint a reasonable picture of the general trends of a particular market.  The numbers above are in line with expectations.  The flatlands of San Carlos, Howard Park and White Oaks, tend to be the most demanding in terms of the ratio of price to the size of houses.

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