Inventory Disparity in San Carlos

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Realtors divide San Carlos up into 6 Areas which are given a numerical designation and name:

Area 350 Alder Manor

Area 351 Beverly Terrace

Area 352 White Oaks

Area 353 Howard Park

Area 354 Clearfield Park

Area 355 Cordes

The map above is a very rough outline of the the 6 Areas of San Carlos.  It was impossible to post a 100% accurate and technical map on this space. Please consult a Barclay Map and your real estate professional for total accuracy on a prospective property.

San Carlos has reached a new inventory low for single family residences in 2008.  Currently, there are only 43 active homes in San Carlos.  However, this statistic does not tell the whole story.  Certain areas of the city have surplus in inventory, while other areas are in desperate need of listings.

First, lets take a look at the two areas which are clearly in the highest demand.  White Oaks and Howard Park.

White Oaks has only 4 active homes on the market.  3 of those 4 homes have been on longer than 77 days.

Howard Park has only 5 active homes on the market.  2 of those 5 are priced above the 2.2 million dollar mark and have been on the market a combined 830 days.  The other 3 active homes have been on for 42, 47, and 52 days.

>>> The bottom line is Howard Park and White Oaks are very low on inventory and in need of new listings.  Take this a step further:  Over the past year Beverly Terrace had 66 homes sell.  White Oaks had 71 homes sell.  Howard Park had only 26 homes sell during the same time period.

In contrast, lets now take a look at Beverly Terrace which currently has 21 active single family residences.  Beverly Terrace has more than 5 times the number of available homes White Oaks and 4 times the number of available homes in Howard Park.

>>> Tends to prove the position that certain areas of San Carlos are in higher demand, namely the flatlands.

Other areas of San Carlos which do not seem to get the attention they deserve are also in need of inventory:

Alder Manor has only 8 active homes.

Clearfield Park has only 1 active home.

Cordes has only 4 active homes.

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