Inventory in San Carlos….Finally!

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Much to the delight of many frustrated buyers, San Carlos is finally starting to get some traction on Active listings.  San Carlos currently has 50 Active listings, which is up significantly from early February.  Homes which are priced right are still selling in under two weeks in the $900,000 to $1,250,000 price range.  Even the $1,200,000-$1,750,000 range has seen homes quickly go off the market and move to “Pending”:  400 Alameda de las Pulgas lasted one day at $1,599,000, 17 Granite Court lasted 4 days at $1,299,000, 134 Sunnydale lasted 7 days at $1,749,000 and 176 Exeter at $1,368,000 lasted only 12 days….all are currently Pending.  There are others in this price range that just came on and will certainly move to “Pending” shortly.  Others are on their way to market….so be patient if you are currently looking in this upper-middle price zone.

Some advice to buyers currently looking in San Carlos:  If at all possible, try to get properties before they go to market….sometimes if you can obtain a property prior to it going to market the seller may be willing to cut you a break because they did not have to pay of items such as staging, landscaping, etc.  Many agents who do most of their business in San Carlos will have a few properties up their sleeve or know of some which may be interested in taking a pre-emptive offer.  Next, know the facts about the area of San Carlos in which you are looking in for your next home.  For example, know the obvious differences between Howard Park and Alder Manor…..and the prospective re-sale issues.   Demand that your agent be aggressive in your property search.  If he or she is not being aggressive, there are others who will simply beat them to the punch.

Next Monday the San Carlos Blog will have its first Spring Preview Podcast.   This Podcast will have all of the latest information on the San Carlos market.

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