Keep Calm and Liver On

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In only 11 short days, the event of the year will be happening in Burton Park.  What is it, you ask?  Is President Obama coming to speak?  Will Space Shuttle Endeavor make one more lap?  Is the Youth Center going to spontaneously combust and send wizard-style firework dragons shooting into the sky?  Well.. no.  I’m sorry to get your hopes up on that last one.    But it will be something MUCH more awesome!  Hundreds of your friends and community members will be coming together to support a man who has done so much for our kids and community, Mr. Chris Mahoney.

The Keep Calm and Liver On Walkathon, created and organized by CLC learners, will be happening from 9:00AM-3:00PM on Saturday, December 8th at Burton Park.  This event promises to be much more than laps around a field – there will be a silent auction, raffle, live music (rumor has it you might even catch me singing!), a scrumptious bake sale, delicious BBQ hot dogs (graciously donated by Sneakers!), and so much more.   We have received a staggering amount of generous donations from business throughout San Carlos, the Peninsula, and beyond.

Would you like a vacation home for a week in the Florida Keys, or perhaps scenic Kennebunkport, Maine?  A personal tour of the Burlingame Fire department?  We’ve got autographed sports memorabilia, spa gift certificates, helicopter and plane rides… I can go on (the list is huge!) but you get the picture.  AMAZING.  This is no back-woods little auction, this is real stuff!

In addition to attending (and bidding!), we specifically need your help in the following areas:

1)  We need WALKERS!  If you have postponed signing up, now is the time!  Bring your grandma in her wheelchair, your infant in their stroller, your toddler in their backpack!  Get a few sponsors at a low rate-per-lap, and come walk for the fun of it.  Heck, your DOG can even earn a buck-a-mile for Chris!  Remember, the heart of this event is the walkers, and that is where we can hope to raise some serious scrilla.  Don’t delay! Register today!

2)  We could still use help with logistics on the day of the event.  Please contact Jen Arends or any of the CCALO team to volunteer.   [email protected]

3)  TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS AND COWORKERS about the event.  SCCLC is great at getting ourselves motivated (man, do we know how to throw a party!) but many in San Carlos still don’t know about the event.  Chris has touched the lives of so many people through Little League and tutoring – be sure to reach out to everyone you know!  Consider printing out and wearing a wry nametag reading “Ask me about my liver!” or “Could you use my organs?”   Anything to spark the conversation around the water cooler to spread the word not only about this awesome event, but about organ donation as well.
Please take a few minutes to read about Chris’ story and how the walkathon came about at and PLEASE SIGN UP ONLINE ASAP!!! All the information you need about walking or donating should be on the website, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Molly and I will look forward to seeing you there!  I’ll be the one on stage emceeing and singing my heart out on behalf of one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Gwynne (Curtis) Rinker
Coordinator of Operations
San Carlos Charter Learning Center
(650) 508-7343

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