Looking for a San Carlos Home? Trying to Move One?…..Keep Reading…

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This blog article is a little different than any others I have written. If you listened to the podcast last week you will recall that some of the properties moving in San Carlos right now are moving off-market. This is happening more and more.  Why? Inventory levels have been low and uninspiring. Additionally, before making a move in this economy buyers and sellers want certainty.  People want to know exactly what they are going to get for their home before committing to their future house. Moving a home off-market eliminates this concern and all of the commotion that comes with putting a home on the open market.  Additionally, some folks who may have casually been looking for a home suddenly find one and then instantly have to sell their home in a short amount of time in order to pursue their next home.  This type of situation is another ideal candidate for an off-market transaction.

I’ve had a few of my clients ask me if I could put something on the blog to try and shake loose some inventory. Not a bad idea. The following is a list of buyers and sellers who may be open to working a deal off-market for the right situation.  If you have any questions or further interest, please contact me.  If you have a realtor, please have your realtor contact me.

Sellers (off market properties)

(1) 2/1, remodeled kitchen, good lot size, west side SC, 710K.

(2) 3/1, White Oaks, nicely updated, well taken care of.

(3) 3/1, rancher on level lot with plans for 3,000 + square foot home on a level, oversized lot in Howard Park.

(4) 3/2/2, exceptionally clean and remodeled rancher in Devonshire Canyon.  You would be hard pressed to find a cleaner home in San Carlos.


(1) 4 groups of buyers desperately looking for 4 bedrooms, nicely updated in Howard Park or White Oaks, $1,250,000-$1,900,000

(2) 2 groups of buyers looking for $2,000,000-$2,300,000, Howard Park, White Oaks, Devonshire Canyon, Hyde Park

(3) Many groups of buyers looking under 850K for 2 or 3 bedroom homes west side San Carlos.

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