Measure B…..It’s Time

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On April 6th, San Carlos residents will be mailed their ballot for Measure B.  The San Carlos Educational Foundation defines Measure B as follows:

“Measure B is a $78 annual parcel tax, for a limited duration of 6 years, and will:

  • Raise money for our local schools that cannot be taken away by the state.
  • Maintain high-quality programs, including hands-on science and literacy.
  • Attract, retain and avoid laying off highly-qualified teachers.
  • Protect the District’s well-rounded elementary and middle school curricula.

Ballots will be mailed April 6th, and should be mailed back by April 29th to guarantee your vote will count.”

A similar parcel tax to help San Carlos public schools failed by a slim margin in November.  The last thing anyone wants is new taxes, especially in these tough economic times.  I have spent enough time with the schools, board members, the SCEF and PTAs to tell you that this parcel tax is absolutely crucial to San Carlos maintaining its high quality schools.  Many people who are not in favor of the parcel tax are quick to say that we pay more than enough in property taxes already and cannot fathom how schools do not have enough money to maintain their current standards given our high property taxes in San Carlos.  At first glance, this seems logical.  However, Prop 13 and how our property taxes are distributed is misunderstood by many.  For a more informative post on Prop 13, click here.

Many also state that they do not have kids or have kids in private schools….therefore, they do not see a need to vote in favor of the parcel tax.  This is understandable, but it may also be short-sided.  Before voting against the $78 a year parcel tax consider the following:  Do you ever wonder why San Carlos property values have held better than other nearby towns?  Do you want to know the number one reason people give for moving to San Carlos?……’s the schools.  The ability of the San Carlos School District to keep our schools on top as well as provide our schools with enrichment programs will have a direct impact on the desirability of San Carlos to future buyers.  So even if you do not have a child that will directly benefit from the parcel tax, your property value will.

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