New APIs for San Carlos Schools are Released

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Below are the recently released (Augus 31, 2007) APIs for San Carlos Schools.  As mentioned in other posts, while APIs are a good way to measure the academic aptitude of each school’s students, there are many other important factors to consider when making a true evaluation of a school such as: (1) Administration and teachers, (2) Parental involvement, (3) Facilities, and (4) School specific programs.

White Oaks Elementary  2007 API:  902

Brittan Acres Elementary 2007 API: 882

Heather School 2007 API: 853

Arundel School 2007 API: 900

Clifford School 2007 API:  799

San Carlos Charter 2007 API:  889

Central Middle School 2007 API:  844

Tierra Linda 2007 API:  852

Carlmont High School 2007 API:  800

Sequoia High School 2007 API:  695

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