Ominous Start to 2010 for San Carlos as Crime Tops News

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Rarely would you hear any concerns among San Carlos residents regarding crime.  Lately, that statement has been challenged.  On December 30, 2009, there were two armed robberies at different San Carlos businesses which were apparently carried out by different criminals.  The first happened at Best Buy on Industrial Road.  The second armed robbery took place at the Taqueria Mi Ranchito at 660 Laurel Street.  The San Carlos Police Department stated that two of these incidents happening in San Carlos on the same day is extremely rare.

I do not believe it is a stretch to say that San Carlos residents are more on edge regarding crime than ever before.  Crime in San Carlos started to take center stage last year with the rash of car break-ins around the White Oaks and Howard Park neighborhoods.  The White Oaks neighborhood went so far as to start up a Neighborhood Watch program. A link to a site affiliated with that particular program can be found by clicking here.

I most frequently hear concerns from residents regarding what is apparently an increase in door to door solicitors. Additionally, many of the door to door solicitors have become more aggressive which only fuels the recent unsettling feeling among residents. The door to door solicitors are not limited to those selling magazine subscriptions. Everything from environmental donations, home improvements and even meat off a refrigerated pickup truck. We have had a few different companies selling meat off their truck in the Howard Park neighborhood in recent weeks.  One particular driver became quite agitated when one of my neighbors did not want to purchase anything and became further agitated when he found out another company’s meat truck was in the neighborhood a week earlier.  My feeling is that the exchanges are uncomfortable enough for folks that they do take extra security precautions.

The best way to help out in your neighborhood is to be vigilant and report any unsettling or suspicious activity to the San Carlos Police Department as soon as possible. White Oaks has the right idea with the Neighborhood Watch program.  With the recent crime spree and proposed cuts to the SCPD, San Carlos residents will need to be more vigilant than ever and help with keeping San Carlos a comfortable and safe place to live.

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