On Their Final Day, A Huge Thank You to the Firefighters of the Belmont San Carlos Fire Department

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Thank you, BSCFD

Today, September 30th, 2011 marks the final day of the Belmont San Carlos Fire Department. After several  long  months of negotiation and political wrangling, our adjacent  cities have opted to run their own departments; Belmont entirely on its own, and San Carlos, in a “hybrid” contract model with Redwood City. The money saved is significant under this new model and San Carlos will retain several of its existing  tenured firefighters.  Belmont will  retain many as well, while some of the more senior staff will now retire.  The San Carlos Fire Department  will see some new staff, and management of the department will be handled by the  command staff  of Redwood City Fire; Chief Jim Skinner and Deputy Fire Chief Stan Maupin.  We wish them the best of luck and offer them our support.

On Behalf of San Carlos

The San Carlos Blog wishes to thank the dedicated and professional members of the Belmont San Carlos Fire Department, many of whom have served this community for decades. We want to acknowledge your service and wish you the best in your new roles with both the Belmont and San Carlos Departments going forward. We know that you will continue to work in concert to serve our communities and protect our friends, neighbors, and family members.

Just last year there was a fire in the garage of my grandmother’s home.  The BSCFD showed up immediately and could not have been any more professional. These dedicated individuals represent the very best of San Carlos.

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