Palo Alto Medical Foundation In San Carlos?

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You would be hard pressed to find a more divisive issue in the City of San Carlos. The proposal to build a PAMF campus consisting of a hospital, medical office and clinic at 301 Industrial Road is bound to play a major role in the upcoming City Council election. The original proposal essentially called for the following:

* Hospital with 110 beds

* The campus will employ 180 physicians and 1,137 staff members

* Total square footage for the buildings will be 478,500

* Two parking structures will house a majority of the 1,377 parking spaces

The concerns over the proposed PAMF campus are as follows:

(1) Traffic. Many east-side residents and those who use Holly Street to access Highway 101 North believe that the addition of the PAMF campus will only worsen traffic congestion on Holly Street. The city of San Carlos recently completed a Traffic Analysis Report which appears to state otherwise. Click below to view the report:

(2) Need. Many have questioned whether the mid-peninsula and more specifically, the City of San Carlos, actually need another hospital.

(3) City of San Carlos. PAMF has offered a lucrative financial package to the City of San Carlos. Many San Carlans seem to be in favor of the PAMF project but want to make sure that the City negotiates the best possible deal.

A great website for more specific details is

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