Proposed “Excellence in Education Tax” Heading To San Carlos Voters in November

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In November, San Carlos voters will decide on a proposed $185 permanent parcel tax which is aimed at helping the cash-strapped San Carlos School District. The district has faced massive cuts over the past few years with another $800,000 looming in the not-to-distant future.  The article published in the San Mateo Daily Journal indicates that a preliminary poll shows support for the measure.

In my humble opinion, its about time.  Folks in San Carlos have seem massive appreciation in home values over the past ten years.  Part of this appreciation is due in large part to the dedicated professionals who make up the SCSD and who have made our school district one of the most desirable around.  Schools in the SCSD have continually ranked among the best in the Bay Area and they have done it in the face of constant budget constraints.

The San Carlos Educational Foundation has been a huge help in providing the funds which the SCSD needs to bridge the gap between their operating budget and the funds given by the State.   SCEF is a lifesaver for the SCSD and they do an excellent job showing the disparity between State funds and SCSD’s true need.  I would strongly encourage anyone who has an interest in San Carlos education to visit their site.

Even with SCEF’s help, the district still needs a steady, reliable, revenue stream to overcome the cuts on the horizon.

A link to the complete article in the San Mateo Daily Journal can be found by clicking here

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