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There are many different facets to San Carlos real estate.  The list of people you work with goes well beyond your realtor. The following is a list of people and businesses that I have found to be exceptional in our local real estate market:

Mortgage Brokers

Russell Vavuris.  Progression Financial, San Carlos (650) 508-4060. Russ is very experienced and knowledgeable with purchases or refinancings. My clients have found his services to be invaluable.

Linda Tsoi.  Bank of America Mortgage, San Carlos  (415) 436-5202.  Linda works at the Bank of America in San Francisco, but lives in San Carlos.  She has helped several of my clients and undertaken financings with almost impossible deadlines and produced every time.

Property/Termite Inspectors

Erick Chapman.  Capstone Inspection Services, San Jose (408) 923-2894.  Erick is certified to conduct the property and termite inspection.  If there is a more throrough and knowledgeable inspector out there, I am yet to meet him.

Structural Contractor

Rene Albert.  Peace of Mind Structural.  (650) 343-3133. Rene and his team are great for evaluating all of your structural needs, from a load bearing wall, to foundations, to retaining walls.

**Please feel free to contact me for more specific recommendations on subject areas not mentioned above.

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