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A big THANK YOU to all who visit the San Carlos Blog.  I thought it would be helpful to bring everyone up to speed on where things are headed as some items on the blog will be changing.  As many of you know, the San Carlos Blog is the longest running San Carlos-based Blog.  The SCB is 100% devoted to providing you with an insider’s view into San Carlos real estate as well as all community based issues.  San Carlos is a town which prides itself on community.  Therefore, the real estate market and the community are tightly linked, and thus the reason I have always posted one community-based post for every real estate post.

With this in mind, I will be unveiling a new site that is currently being built. will be the first site of its kind in San Carlos.  This site will more closely tie together the community aspect of San Carlos.  In the coming weeks I will provide a full update on the functionality of this new site.  In short, this site will tie together San Carlos businesses, volunteer groups, sports leagues, community events, awards and much more!  Stay tuned for more details as the site gets closer to its launch date. Please keep in mind that the SCB will continue to operate as normal. The Best of San Carlos site will simply be a complementary site.

The San Carlos real estate market has been challenging over the past few years.  I feel very fortunate to have the SCB, as it has opened opportunities for my buyers and sellers that may not have existed otherwise.  In fact, in the last 33 months I have been involved in 48 transactions in San Carlos.  Once the remaining pending transactions close out next week, it will be the equivalent of closing approximately one transaction in San Carlos every three weeks. The inside information gained from these transactions has been passed on through posts on the SCB.  Below is  a complete list of all 48 transactions.  Again, thank you for stopping by and I sincerely appreciate the patronage to the SCB.


1375 Orange Avenue, TBD, COMING SOON, Seller

104 Windsor Drive, 1,099,000, PENDING, Seller

181 Coventry Court, 1,649,995, PENDING, Seller

928 Heather Drive, 1,395,000, PENDING, Seller

113 Rockridge Road, 820,000, SOLD, Seller

324 Oakview, 1,235,000, SOLD, Seller

2622 Howard, 1,515,000, SOLD, Buyer

1311 Geneva, 1,015,000, SOLD, Seller

1025 Hewitt Drive, 1,215,000, SOLD, Buyer

1526 Chestnut St., 1,152,000, SOLD, Buyer

1262 Magnolia Ave, 700,000, SOLD, Seller

1962 San Carlos Avenue, 671,000, SOLD, Seller

115 Northam, 950,000, SOLD, Buyer

908 Rosewood Avenue, 1,025,000, SOLD, Buyer

434 Hill Way, 1,410,000, SOLD, Buyer

1829 Eaton Avenue, 1,120,000, SOLD, Buyer

417 Hillcrest Drive, 1,230,000, SOLD,  Seller

2036 Alma Street, 1,125,000, SOLD, Seller

143 Ruby Avenue, 830,000, SOLD, Buyer

2056 Arroyo Avenue, 799,000, SOLD, Buyer

1421 Hull Drive, 749,000, SOLD , Buyer

131 Ruby Avenue, 840,000, SOLD, Seller

347 Elm Street, 875,000, SOLD, Seller

1701 San Carlos Avenue, 455,000 SOLD, Seller

827 Sunset Drive, 820,000, SOLD,  Seller

400 Alameda de las Pulgas, 1,406,000, SOLD, Seller

1797 Elizabeth Street, 1,380,000, SOLD, Buyer

1047 Mc Cue Avenue, 610,000, SOLD, Buyer

977 Holly Street, 489,000, SOLD,   Seller

3015 Brittan Avenue, 1,185,000 SOLD, Buyer

1340 Elm Street, 740,000, SOLD, Buyer

2105 Eaton Avenue, 2,150,000, SOLD, Buyer

2071 Belle Avenue, 851,000, SOLD, Seller

29 Elston Court,  1,200,000, SOLD, Buyer

30 Hidden Valley Drive, 1,088,000, SOLD, Buyer

316 Chesham Ave, 860,000, SOLD, Buyer

1376 Cedar Street,  1,240,000  SOLD  Seller

401 Old County Road, 545,000, SOLD,  Seller

30 Arundel Road, 821,000, SOLD, Seller

2716 San Carlos Avenue, 662,000, SOLD, Seller

One Coleman Court, 1,698,000, SOLD, Seller

265 Hyde Park, 1,500,000, SOLD, Buyer

812 Cordilleras Ave., 900,000, SOLD, Seller

1924 St. Francis Way, 1,202,000, SOLD, Seller

64 Belvedere Ave., 1,970,000, SOLD, Buyer

400 Alameda de las Pulgas, 1,600,000, SOLD, Buyer

140 Sunnydale Ave., 890,329, SOLD, Buyer

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