San Carlos City Council Race Heats Up In Anticipation of Tuesday’s Election

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With Tom Davids and Inge Tiegel Doherty leaving the San Carlos City Council, candidates Omar Ahmad, Randy Royce, John Hoffman & Alex Phillips are poised to make their final push for the two seats.

Awaiting the two successful candidates will be a myriad of issues which will need immediate attention, including:

(1) A budget deficit

(2) Redevelopment of the eastside

(3) Field space and Park & Recreation issues

(4) Economic viability of downtown small businesses


First, let me say that I am far from a political insider. My predictions are based on nothing more than what I have heard and seen in the community and after speaking to the the council candidates in person:

(1) Randy Royce will be elected. He has a very dedicated following and is endorsed by nearly every major past and present figure in San Carlos government.

(2) The winner of the second seat is not quite as clear.  I would expect the percentage differential between the remaining candidates to be within single digits. Phillips is personable, experienced and has put his time in on the Planning Commission. Additionally, he is very well thought of around San Carlos. John Hoffman is the only candidate with the experience of having already served as a San Carlos City Council member in the past…something no other candidate can claim. Finally, Omar Ahmad has ignited a serious grass roots effort, going door to door and making himself readily available to the public. Omar has a distinguished background. My impression from speaking with him is that he is extremely bright and may very well bring a refreshing presence to the council. The only item working against Omar is that he has lived in San Carlos for the shortest amount of time when compared against the other candidates. If I was forced to pick a candidate to win this seat I would say Phillips by the slightest of margins.

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