San Carlos Has Much To Be Thankful For

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A Good Reminder

Every year around the holidays I am always mindful to create a post on the many positive aspects of San Carlos.  Sometimes, the problem with this site and similar sites is that much of the attention is given to negative or controversial topics.  Over the last year San Carlos has certainly had its share of polarizing issues and problems.  However, in my humble opinion, what San Carlos has going for it far outweighs the issues and problems in our community. Here is my list of Top 10 positive points about San Carlos:

San Carlos Is Truly the City of Good Living


(1) The community feel of San Carlos is difficult to match. What makes San Carlos so attractive to those who live here now is that San Carlos has found a way to blend a small, hometown feel with a progressive mindset.

(2) Taking the first point a step further, the community understands the importance of education. Volunteer organizations such as the San Carlos Education Foundation is the ultimate reflection of the community-wide sentiment on excelling in the classroom.

(3) Many downtowns are suffering.  The Laurel Street  is flourishing.

(4) While it came with a cost, San Carlos actually has a budget surplus for the first time in eleven years.  The city now has a a plan to save and live within its means for the years to come.

(5) Real estate values plummeted across the country over the past few years.  While prices did fall in San Carlos, when compared to most other cities of similar size, San Carlos performed remarkably well.

(6) Volunteerism is at an all-time high. We live in a community where people see the value in volunteering and are doing so to make the San Carlos experience better for their neighbors.

(7) The park system for San Carlos is outstanding.

(8) The community is very safe. While no community can boast a crime statistic of 0.0%, San Carlos comes close. This is a credit to the Sheriff’s Department and pro-active residents who care about what happens in their neighborhood.

(9) Smart planning has enabled San Carlos to preserve a village feel downtown, which is unique when compared against other nearby towns.

(10) San Carlos is a generous town.  Residents have always been willing to contribute financially and with their time. A quick look around town will show you just how much of this city is built on donations, including many of the park upgrades.

Feel free to add your list below.  A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.



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