San Carlos Kids Show Act Of Awareness & Generosity

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Living Up To Their Name

The San Carlos Treasure Hunters Team, The Fighting Irish, were crowned champions of this year’s event and collected a nice cash prize.  It is what team members, Patrick Shea, Morgan Lynch and Julia Kelly did after collecting that prize that makes that makes them a perfect example of what San Carlos is all about for many of us.

Dr. Young of Young Orthodontics and myself started San Carlos Treasure Hunters seven years ago as a way for us to give back to the community and in the process, have the kids of San Carlos learn about the history of their home town.  This year, we decided that we would add a local charity component to make kids and their parents aware that there are causes and people in San Carlos that are perhaps in situations where a little extra help is needed.  For this year’s hunt, we chose Chris Mahoney, Director of the Charter Learning Center in San Carlos.  Chris has been battling a variety of difficult health issues and is dire need of an immediate liver transplant.

San Carlos Treasure Hunters is free for everyone who wants to participate.  However, this year, with our added charity element to the event we told all teams that they could donate directly to Chris Mahoney. We set up a donation table at check-in on the day of the event.   Teams were more than happy to do so and we were able to deliver a check to Chris and his family.

Last week, I came into my office and there was an envelope sitting on my chair.  Inside the envelope was a letter from team Fighting Irish.  The envelope contained cash and a note from the Fighting Irish saying that they wanted a portion of their winnings to go Chris Mahoney and his family.  When we first started San Carlos Treasure Hunters, it was this type of awareness and generosity that we were hoping to one day achieve with this event.  We are very proud of the Fighting Irish and hope that their actions are an example for others throughout our town. While the actual gift itself certainly helps, it is the awareness that matters most.

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