San Carlos Ranks in Bottom 12% for Per Student Spending in San Mateo County

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Twice a year you write a massive property tax check.  For most folks living in San Carlos, the idea that our schools are not fully funded is almost unbelievable.  How is this possible?

The Citizens for San Carlos Schools offers some sobering statistics on the matter.  First, San Carlos schools rank in the top 4% of the districts on the State of California’s standardized tests.  However, the San Carlos School District ranks 15th out of the 17 school districts in San Mateo in terms of money spent per student.  Below is a table of the per student spending per district:

Portola Valley/$15,513 per student

Woodside/$13,849 per student

Las Lomitas/$13,734 per student

Hillsborough/$13,195 per student

Belmont/$10,018 per student

Menlo Park/9,825 per student

Brisbane/$9,598 per student

Redwood City/$9,054 per student

San Mateo/$8,597 per student

Bayshore/$8,116 per student

San Bruno Park/$8,083 per student

Burlingame/$8,077 per student

Millbrae/$8,035 per student

Ravenswood/$7,995 per student

San Carlos/$7,927 per student

Jefferson/$7,640 per student

Laguna Salada/$7,517 per student

The Citizens for San Carlos Schools states that only $21 of every $100 collected through property taxes actually goes to San Carlos Schools.  Below is the division of our property taxes:

27.15% to the County General Fund

21.27% to the San Carlos School District

17.89% to the Sequoia Union High School District

13.27% to the City of San Carlos

7.77% to the San Mateo Junior College

4.04% to the County Education Office

3.95% to the Libraries

2.10% to the Mid Peninsula Open Space District

1.68% to Sequoia Hospital

Many are quick to point out that property values have greatly increased over the past 10 years.  So why hasn’t school funding increased as well?  Simply put, increases in basic property tax collections do not benefit the SCSD until a certain threshold is reached.  The Citizens for San Carlos Schools says that the SCSD may reach this threshold at some point in the future, but it is currently at the mercy of Sacramento.

The Citizens for San Carlos Schools is a group supporting Measure S, which is the Excellence in Education parcel tax which will be on the ballot in November.  If passed, this measure will increase the current parcel tax by $75 per year, per parcel.  For more information on Measure S, please visit

* Note:  The information in this post is from the Citizens for San Carlos Schools-Yes on Measure S

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