San Carlos Residents are Organized and Ready to Save San Carlos Parks

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A well organized and passionate group of San Carlos residents are doing everything possible to communicate their desire to keep our parks open.  Last month, the San Carlos Parks and Recreation Department announced that they would be recommending the closure of Crestview Park, Arguello Park, Laureola Park and the Youth Center, as part of their mandatory budget cutbacks.  Their recommendations are scheduled to be discussed by the San Carlos City Council.

A group going by the name “Keep San Carlos Parks Open” has their own blog dedicated to the effort to save our parks from closure.  A link to that site can be found by clicking here. Additionally, you can join their Facebook group by clicking here. As of the Friday morning, the group has already assembled 723 members. Finally, the group has a specific “call to action” that can be found in the PDF below as well as on their blog and Facebook group page.  Please consider joining this worthwhile cause.


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